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Build your business online. Successfully.
Whether you are a start-up company on the World Wide Web or a leading firm seeking to streamline and enhance e-commerce operations, marketing & selling on the Net is always a challenging task. Successful e-commerce ensures a seamless integration of strategic initiatives and technological endeavours, as you need to attract prospects, build credibility and close transactions quickly. Techmotif's experienced e-commerce strategists will analyse your e-business models and identify technical requirements, prior to developing a powerful e-commerce platform around a robust infrastructure.

From shopping cart and product catalogue development to payment gateway integration, order tracking and processing, inventory tracking, discount functions, currency conversion and tax/shipping calculations - Techmotif provides a complete suite of tools and applications which will meet your e-commerce needs and enhance your bottom line. We offer excellently designed user interface, easy navigation, robust hosting, and secure applications, complemented by improved brand visibility, quality traffic generation and effective customer relationship management. Techmotif's pursuit of quality, excellence and customer commitment makes us the partner of choice, as businesses across the globe exploit e-market potentials, implement sustainable strategies and build successful e-commerce presence.

To ignore the potential your business has online; is to ignore a substantial opportunity! The Internet provides businesses with the chance to innovatively market their products and services to the global consumer, 24x7 with higher profit margins!

  1. Is your sales growth curve slowing down?
  2. Are you a brick-and-mortar retailer looking to decrease your costs?
  3. Are you a proactive ‘hybrid’ merchant wanting to sell across all channels?
  4. Are you looking for solutions to streamline your order process, warehousing, etc.?
  5. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to sell homemade cakes from home without taking a major risk just yet?

The web is the marketplace of the future. Time scarcity, convenience, price and control are factors that are driving consumers to make more and more of their purchases on the e-marketplace.But, with so many ecommerce websites and solutions offering the same service or product as yours, how do you ensure that your virtual storefront is engaging, user friendly and responsive?Over the years, Unlock has built ecommerce solutions for public sector, B2B and B2C selling in the fashion, fitness equipment, food and beverages, home and living, technology, real estate and travel industry and more. These solutions are custom made to the requirements of the client, to help them harness the power of web in their unique ways.

What We Offer:

  1. Design & Development of e-commerce Websites
  2. E-commerce Hosting
  3. Powerful Storefront Features
  4. Database-driven Product Catalogues
  5. Product Search
  6. Shopping Cart Facilities
  7. Order Tracking & Processing
  8. Price Alerts
  9. Discount Functions
  10. Inventory Management, Product Management & Stock Control
  11. Payment Gateway Integration; Credit Card Validation; Online Payment Processing
  12. Multi-Currency Support & Currency Conversion
  13. Shipping & Tax Management
  14. Supply Chain Solutions
  15. Traffic Log Analysis, Statistical Reports & Website Monitoring
  16. Online Membership Management
  17. Mailing Lists Management

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